Surfing Techniques

Surfing is a very difficult sport to master. It takes years to perfectly master surfing and become an expert. It is not something that can be mastered in a matter of weeks or even months. The fact that waves hit a single location for only a few weeks, it takes years for a person to properly conjure up the required surf time and develop a technique that helps compete against the best.

Positioning is considered as the most important factor for learning surfing. The positioning of the feet is on what the balance of a person on the board depends on. A part from positioning, there is also the crucial factor of timing, which takes years to get better. People fresh to surfing bodysurf for a very long time before getting up and standing on the feet. All these and many more techniques take a very long time to get better at.


Catching Waves and Standing Up when Surfing

After padding to a certain distance from the shore and are waiting for the waves, surfers get up from their low position and sit on the boards. This is done so that they can get a better view of the oncoming waves and prepare for its. Lying for long periods on the board can be very tiring. Sitting up is fairly easier than padding or positioning. A surfer needs to position his or her two legs on...


Positioning when Surfing

Positioning is the most important aspect to learn for a beginner who wants to at least be able to catch a few waves. Before hitting the water with the surf board, the beginner needs to practice positioning on dry land on the board. Some trainers train new surfers with a cylindrical drum under the surf board and the beginner surfer on top of the board. The beginner will have to balance the board...


Paddling when Surfing

Paddling is another very important skill in the tough sport of surfing. During training sessions, trainers spend a very long time paddling around. Initially it's very tiring until a person's body gets used to it and builds up the necessary muscles to sustain themselves for a long period. Paddling involves lying on the board with with the face a little distance away from the board, with t...


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