Surf Board Types

Shortboard: This board is also known as the thruster and is commonly used in contest surfing for shredding through waves. The board makes it harder to paddle, however what it lacks in paddling, makes up for in power, control and speed. The tails of these boards are generally rounded square tail.

Longboard: This board is also known as the Log or the Cruizer board. It is recommended for beginners since these are more stable in water and paddling into the water is easier. They are over 8 or 9 feet long and have a rounded nose. They are not as good for gaining speed or changing direction in the waves. However surfing a longboard has its own draws such as radical sharp turns, hang high fives and tandem surfing.

Fish: A fish is a variation of a shortboard with a wider base, a shallow tail, wider mid-section and a rounder nose. They are slightly easier to paddle and are designed to improve the ability to catch waves. These are good for medium to small sized waves.

Gun: A gun is elongated version of a long board with a narrow nose and a pointy tail, meant for increased rail contact. These can range from 6 ft to 10ft. These are designed for riding large and powerful waves. These are easier to paddle and easier to control in bigger waves.

Bodyboard: These are rectangular boards designed for all age groups. These are made for riding the waves while laying down and not standing up.



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