Surfing Rules and Laws

Surfing has rules, which are designed more or less to keep a surfer away from harm's way. These rules don't just need to be followed in competitive forms of surfing, but also during recreational forms of surfing. There are no clear written rules for surfing, since surfers offer differ in their assessment of what is not agreeable rules and what is. However below are certain rules or etiquette that every surfer needs to follow.

One of the first and the most important rules to follow is to never fall in from of someone else's waves. Hawaiians once had a rule that surfers who cross the path of another surfer were executed. This however is no longer the rule. Falling in front of someone else's wave is also known as dropping in, where a surfer comes into a wave in which a surfer is already surfing. To avoid this confusion, there are a few rules that make sure people do not confuse between whose wave it is. A surfer who is closest to the white water gets to have the right of the water. If one is padding towards a wave and sees another person dropping in to catch the wave, it is only fair to drop out of the way and allow the surfer to surf, even if one has to plummet below the water when the surfer is approaching.

At all times a surfer has to be aware of the surroundings. It is important that one avoids giving problems to other surfers by coming in front of them and paddling without looking. Keeping an eye on the wave and one in front of the surfer is important. When in water, it is very important that a surfer does not let go of a board. A loose board can lead to other surfers toppling over and in really bad instances; another surfer could lose his or her life.

A lose board in a strong wave is a dangerous weapon, and can lead to severe injury or even death. Apart from other surfers, a surfer has to be on the lookout for other people in the water who might be swimming, riding a water mobile or fishing. Another very important rule for beginners is that if one is inexperienced, then the company of an experienced surfer is very important. Even if a surfer is well skilled and experienced, it is recommended that one never ventures out alone into the water, the ocean is a dangerous place for anyone to be alone.


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