Catching Waves and Standing Up when Surfing

After padding to a certain distance from the shore and are waiting for the waves, surfers get up from their low position and sit on the boards. This is done so that they can get a better view of the oncoming waves and prepare for its. Lying for long periods on the board can be very tiring. Sitting up is fairly easier than padding or positioning. A surfer needs to position his or her two legs on the two sides of the board and put all the weight in the center of the board.

It is important to find the right position for sitting on the boards, since an imbalance can lead to the boards tumbling into the water. It is a matter of practice to find the right sitting position while the waves are constantly moving underneath the boards. There is a good chance that the board might drift off while changing position. When catching a wave, place the board parallel to the incoming wave and the nose slightly pointed towards the beach.

A wave should be big enough to pick up a surfer and bring him or her in. When such a wave is coming toward a surfer, the surfer needs to start pushing towards the beach and at the same time begin getting up on the board. This is where the positioning comes in and takes a while for surfers to practice the same. Catching a wave like an experienced surfer can take a few good months.



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