Surf Board Dimensions

Surf boards are differentiated based on their length, width and depth. The kind of surf board that a person uses defines the performance in the water. The length of a surfboard is a very important factor. The longer a board is the easier it becomes to paddle and also it is easier to stand up on the board since it is more stable. Beginners should go for a long board in the initial stages of learning.

The width of a surf board defines how stable it is while controlling. With increasing with, the board becomes more stable. The depth of a surf board determines how the board will float in water. If the board floats easily on the water, it becomes easier to paddle and also to ride on top of the waves. Another important factor to consider in a surf board is the fins. A fin is the curved protruding bit of piece that hangs below the board in the tail. Fins do exactly what they do in fish, they are used to giving directional stability to the board and allows professional suffers to make turns and tricks. Fins are a recent addition to surfboards and have helped surfers to ride waves for a longer period of time by spending more time in wave. The first fins came were introduced into board in the 30s. A few boards are available with twin, tri and multiple fins.



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