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Surfing is a popular surface beach water sport where a person uses a surf board to ride high ocean waves or artificially created surfs. A breaking ocean wave is called as surf and the act of riding these waves is known as surfing. It is a very popular activity for many people residing in areas close to the ocean with recurring high waves.

Surfing is a challenging sport and takes a lot of time, practice and the right waves to get better. Surfing is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the majestic oceans. It is never too late to learn surfing for anyone. It is the perfect combination of adrenaline exhilaration and an opportunity to challenge the elements of nature. To enjoy surfing it is necessary to have good waver of surfs that can carry a surfer to the shore. Not all beaches around the world have good surfs and not all good surfing destinations have year round surfs that are good for surfing. Hence, it is important that a person looking to surf know about which locations are good for surfing and at what time of the year.

Waves worth surfing on are usually found only in oceans, but on rare occasions they are also generated on large lakes and ponds. Many man made pools also generate waver for surfers to enjoy surfing without the risks involved in surfing. There are many variations of surfing today, all of them involve a huge waver or surf. Surfing in the purest forms is known as bodysurfing, where a rider rides the wave without on board known as surf board. Other variations include standup, paipo boarding and paddle surfing. In different types of snowboarding, different objects are used to float on top of waves, such as bodyboards, inflatable boards and canoes. There are two types of stand-up surfing, the shortboarding and longboarding. Here the boards used are of different lengths and the riding style differs.

Surfing's origins are not agreed by historians. It is believed that surfing started somewhere in Hawaii or Peru. Around 300 years ago, Captain Cook discovered the Hawaiian locals indulging in surfing. Hence, it is believed that surfing might have originated here much earlier than when Cook arrived. Evidence of surfing has been found in Peru that dates back to more than 1500 years, easily much earlier than Hawaiian surfers. The person attributed to be the pioneer of modern surfing is said to be Duke Kahanamoku of Hawaii. Kahanamoku was an Olympic gold medal winning swimmer who popularized surfing around the world.



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