Surfing Equipment

Surfing has been enjoyed by people close to beaches since a very long time. Surfing equipment has not changed much since that time and the basic requirement for surfing till today is still a surfing board. However, many variations in surfing have arisen along with many different types of surfing boards. Still the enjoyment and exhilaration that was enjoyed by surfers from Peru or Hawaii more than 500 years ago is still the same.

There are a few changes in what people wear and how the boards are made today, which are all done to increase safety and enjoyment of the rider. Surfing boards are easily available in good shopping destinations and the cost ranges from affordable to really expensive. However, these surfing destinations also provide surf boards for rent to tourists who are just beginning to learn surfing and will not require it after a few days.


Other Surf Board Accessories

Apart from a Surf board, the other most important accessory for surfing is a wetsuit. Surfing wetsuits are created out of neoprene, a synthetic rubber. These suits reduce the drag between the body and the water by trapping a thin layer of water. This also allows the body to retain heat in cold water. Wetsuits need to fit perfectly and shouldn't be baggy. Most occasional surfers do not use wetsui...


Surf Board Dimensions

Surf boards are differentiated based on their length, width and depth. The kind of surf board that a person uses defines the performance in the water. The length of a surfboard is a very important factor. The longer a board is the easier it becomes to paddle and also it is easier to stand up on the board since it is more stable. Beginners should go for a long board in the initial stages of learn...


Surf Board Types

Shortboard: This board is also known as the thruster and is commonly used in contest surfing for shredding through waves. The board makes it harder to paddle, however what it lacks in paddling, makes up for in power, control and speed. The tails of these boards are generally rounded square tail. Longboard: This board is also known as the Log or the Cruizer board. It is recommended for beginners...


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