Other Surf Board Accessories

Apart from a Surf board, the other most important accessory for surfing is a wetsuit. Surfing wetsuits are created out of neoprene, a synthetic rubber. These suits reduce the drag between the body and the water by trapping a thin layer of water. This also allows the body to retain heat in cold water. Wetsuits need to fit perfectly and shouldn't be baggy. Most occasional surfers do not use wetsuits and only surf in shorts.

Leashes are another important accessory that every surfer needs to have. A leash helps keep the surf board attached to a surfer at all times. Leashes are connected to the leg or the hands of the surfer and the other end to the board. In a surfer loses balance and falls of the board, the board avoid being lost and is at an accessible distance for the surfer to climb on and head back chore. A loose board can be hazardous for other surfers and swimmers hence shouldn't be let loose.

Boards require one very important maintenance equipment i.e. Wax. Wax is used to increase the traction between the rider's feet and the boards, so that the rider does not slip off the board when hit by a wave and turned to 45 degrees. Board with a surfboard traction pad do not require surf wax, however most of the other board do require the user to rub appropriate amount of wax on the board. Rubbing wax over the board creates tiny bumps over the board that holds the toes in place.



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