Positioning when Surfing

Positioning is the most important aspect to learn for a beginner who wants to at least be able to catch a few waves. Before hitting the water with the surf board, the beginner needs to practice positioning on dry land on the board. Some trainers train new surfers with a cylindrical drum under the surf board and the beginner surfer on top of the board. The beginner will have to balance the board till he or she finds the best positioning sweet spot.

A person has to stand sideways and can either keep the left foot in the front or the right foot in the front, depending on the comfort of the person. A a person goes on getting better at surfing, the position of the left and right feet change. The feet need to have the same distance as the length of the shoulders. The distance between the two feet also change as the person keeps getting better at surfing. The most crucial moment, when it comes to positioning is when getting a wave.

The time available for getting up and keeping the foot in the position that one is most comfortable comes after a lot of practice. The timing when a person approaches a wave and changes direction is also crucial for surfing. The best time to catch a wave is just before the wave breaks into white water. Trainers can teach a beginner all the skills required, but when facing a mammoth wave, the mind goes blank.



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