Paddling when Surfing

Paddling is another very important skill in the tough sport of surfing. During training sessions, trainers spend a very long time paddling around. Initially it's very tiring until a person's body gets used to it and builds up the necessary muscles to sustain themselves for a long period.

Paddling involves lying on the board with with the face a little distance away from the board, with the nose in the air. This way the weight of the body will be higher towards the back of the board, leaving the front of the board a little higher above the surface of water. This keeps the board from diving into the water. It's a very tiring position but is very important for heading towards an incoming wave; hence, this is one of the first techniques that are taught new surfers.

Beginners do the mistake of being too far back on the surfboard, which causes them to lose balance. The entire weight of the top part of their body needs to be on the bottom of the ribcage. Their feet also need to be kept outside the board and also lifted above the water to avoid dragging.  The arms need to be outside the board and are used to paddle inside the ocean. An S shape is the most effective way to paddle through the water. Experts advise against using butterfly stroke, which will slow a person down.



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